Nice to meet you. We’re glad you’re here.

We were sitting having lunch perched above the water in Cornwall when we started talking about retirement. We decided that as lovely as that seaside area was, it was too far from family to be seriously considered. Later that year we were at dinner and someone recommended Sea Ranch for our next trip. It’s located on the Sonoma Coast in an area called the Banana Belt due to its generally sunny weather. We took her advice and found much to love here.

A labor of love

We bought this property in 1997 because it was hidden at the end of a cul-de-sac overlooking the ocean. It provides a cozy retreat from the world and feels very private. No one can walk in front of your windows and peer in as often happens with houses right on the bluff and bluff trail.  The expansive ocean views have a calming effect on all who stay here. Positive ions in the ocean breeze tend to help make people happy.  As cooks, we provide a well equipped kitchen and a dining room from which you can enjoy that ocean view. We take pride in caring for Getaway, and we hope you come visit soon.

Judy & Marvis